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Hiroshi Toyama, MD, PhD, Professor & Chairman, Department of Radiology, Fujita Health University, Chair, AOCNMB Organizing Committee
Hiroshi Toyama, MD, PhD

In 2013, at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine in Vancouver, an inter-society agreement (MOU) was signed between the Japanese Society of Nuclear medicine (JSNM) and the Chinese Society of Nuclear medicine (CSNM) based on the effort of Profs. Tomio Inoue and Jun Hatazawa for Japan side and Profs. Gang Hung and Yaming Li for China side. Since then, we have actively performed Japan-China Nuclear Medicine Exchange Program for scientific seminars and exchange Nuclear Medicine physicians, technologists, scientists, pharmacists and nurses in both countries, joint research and publishing the textbook entitled PET/CT for Inflammatory diseases: Basic sciences, typical case series, and review from Springer Co.

I am pleased and congratulate to have the Japan-China/China-Japan breast PET symposium and Nuclear Medicine Exchange seminars in conjunction with the AOCNMB 2022 in Kyoto, Japan.

Finally, I appreciate Dr. Mototora Kai, secretary general, Organizing Committee, AOCNMB.

Hiroshi Toyama, MD, PhDProfessor & Chairman,
Department of Radiology,
Fujita Health University
AOCNMB Organizing Committee
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