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Prof Jun Hatazawa ,CIS Chairman, AOFNMB Honorary President
Prof Jun Hatazawa

The World's population ageing 2020 Highlights by the United Nations tells us that the world's population of people aged 65 years and over reached 727 million in 2020, which was 9.3% of 8 billion of world population. It is expected to reach 16% in 2050. Currently, more than half of the world's elderly live in Asia (54%), followed by Europe (22%).

Ageing is a biological phenomenon inevitable for everybody. It would be associated with decline of physical and mental abilities. It would increase a morbidity of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases. Vulnerability to communicable diseases may increase as evidenced during COVID19 pandemic.

One of the characteristics in aged population is a diversity of activity level and health status among senile citizens. When they are fine, they are not a burden of society. Rather, senior citizens should be acknowledged as important members of the community based on their socioeconomic activity and productivity. When they are not fine, especially in mental activity, they may be at risk of cognitive impairment and at risk of secure society. When I read a newspaper in the morning, I sometimes find an article of traffic accident caused by senile drivers with cognitive disorders.

To improve the quality of life for senior people, we launched International Symposium on Cognitive Impairment as the platform for deeper and wider exchanges of knowledge and experience among experts of this field in May 2016 in Shanghai, China. This September, in Kyoto, Japan, we will hold the 5th International Symposium on Cognitive Impairment in conjunction with the AOCNMB and AONMAF. We cordially welcome all experts to the Cognitive Impairment Symposium 2022.

See you soon in Kyoto.

Prof Jun HatazawaCIS Chairman
AOFNMB Honorary President
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